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Olive Oil

The main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet; an alternative to saturated fats of animal origin.


Obtained from the fermentation of the grapes or the wort. Italian wines are among the most popular in the world.


The red fruit of this plant is widely used in the food sector of
all the Mediterranean countries.


Starring of late summer and early fall cooking, mushrooms enrich any kind of course.


Fresh, stuffed or dried: however you make it is an indelible image of Italy in the world.


Give us this day our daily bread... what else can we say about one of the oldest food of Western civilization?


Used as a seasoning. It is eaten raw or cooked, fresh or dried, whole or sliced, crushed or powdered.

Hot Pepper

Fresh, dried or cooked it flavors many dishes and is the essence of spicy sauces.


The red gold grows exclusively in eight hectares in Navelli (AQ).
It adds a particular character to many dishes.

Sea Urchins

To be eaten raw, the best way
to appreciate them is dipping a piece of bread in them.


They represent an original idea for an appetizer or a second course during a fine reception.


The variety of fish is cooked according to the season. Two tips: fish soup and fried fish.


Prepared for centuries in southern Italy in the typical round shapes or other shake with buffalo or cow's milk.


It is produced in the Mediterranean area from sheep's milk. Italian quality is unbeatable with seven protected
designation of origin (PDO).


Few people know that Italy is homeland of top quality citrus production.

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The idea that the success of a lunch or a wedding buffet to be evaluated primarily based on the amount of food offered waned long time ago; questions of style and greater consideration for the quality of food are focused on the most suitable courses, the right quantities, the appropriate sequence and timing.

The key of success for a perfect wedding reception remains indisputably to eat Italian cuisine, ranking among the most popular in the world. The extreme simplicity represents its essential characteristic. Italians chefs aim mainly to the quality of the ingredients themselves rather than the complexity of preparation, as in other European cuisines. Many recipes frequently are reworks of the family tradition, handed down from their mothers and grandmothers.

For these reasons, thanks to the direct knowledge of the best restaurants and the most creative chefs of Italian regions, Alessandra Carulli promotes Italian cooking and products. It is an important cultural heritage that gives added value to the event.

Naturally there are those who are not willing to give up their traditions, this especially applies to spouses from abroad, so Luce degli Eventi has is able to meet any culinary request coming from all over the world.

Mediterranean Diet

Luce degli Eventi - Dieta mediterranea

The Mediterranean diet is among the central-southern Italy peculiarities, although the term diet seems inappropriate, being mostly an eating style inspired by the traditions of the Mediterranean countries. It is widely known and proven that its principles are scientifically accepted as healthy. Its basic components as bread, pasta, vegetables, fish, olive oil and fruit, provide protein, lipids and sugars with high nutritional value, low in cholesterol, saturated fats and simple sugars; they are also rich in vitamins, minerals and indigestible fibres.

Thanks to the historical and anthropologic background of the Mediterranean Diet,
UNESCO sdince 2010 has included it in the List for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage.

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