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Weddings leave a lasting sign in our memory. The day of the fateful yes should not be lost, it has to leave proofs and impress vitality to the essential "forever”. It is an unconditional yes to life. Every couple waiting for the decisive moment fills an ideal box with images, desires, expectations, visions peering a dreamy future. A good start is half the work, an old adage rightly says. Now nothing can be anonymous and predictable, everything, like magic, must reveal the colors, feelings, sensations that accompany the life project.

This is the main reason why rely on a sensitive and expert wedding planner, who knows how to depict desires and return emotions. Luce degli Eventi interprets each ceremony as the creation of a bright glade in which the married couple may reflect, recognize and give a tangible sign of being one to each other a sea to swim in. An ongoing challenge between tough requests and the relentless approach of the event; all in a hasty climate wrapped in flowers, clouds of silk, food fragrance, echoing harmonies, framed by the beautiful and superb places of Italy.

In a difficult and complex world like the one we live in it is increasingly intricate to find original ideas to make the spouses glade memorable. Wedding has roots in tradition, the reasons and elements in which it takes place are not unlimited, but more numerous are the ways to interpret a known scenario. It is the connotation, more than the original idea itself, to make a wedding unique and unrepeatable.

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